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April 2017

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Tonight I was watching - well, fastforwarding rapidly through - some of this week's Charlie Rose Shows on my TiVo, and I saw that Mr. Rose opened his tribute to the late William F. Buckley, Jr. by saying, "This table that I sit at is weeping tonight."

For some reason or another that reminded me of something else good ol' Charlie said last year. For a while he was doing a summation of the week's news called "Sunday On Friday". Only one week, he wasn't going to be there Friday, so he said - with a straight face - : "Tonight, Sunday On Friday, on Thursday." (Not long afterwards, the feature Sunday On Friday stopped being on any day at all, thank God.)

And this further reminded me of Tom Snyder and an incident on his Late Late Show sometime back in the nineties. He was interviewing Patrick Stewart - whom he repeatedly called Patrick Swayze - and it was time to show a clip from the Star Trek movie du jour. "People at home, watch your monitors," Snyder helpfully announced, and then, just before the camera cut away to the clip, the most incredible expression of mortification flickered across Snyder's face: I can't believe I just said that!

Which shows you that Tom was a better man than Charlie, since I find it impossible to believe that pompous Mr. Rose could ever be afflicted by even a momentary apprehension of his own ridiculousness.


Well, tonight my head exploded. Yours can too, if you click on the links and "learn" about the New Chronology of Anatoly Fomenko.

You will discover some pretty interesting "facts" :

  • History only goes back to 800 CE!
  • Sumeria, ancient Egypt & Greece, and the Roman Empire were all medieval fabrications!
  • Jerusalem, Constantinople and Rome are the same city!
  • Solomon's temple is the Hagia Sophia!
  • Jesus and Gregory the Great were the same person! Plus he/they lived c.1000 CE!
  • The New Testament was written before the Old!

You'll have to excuse me now. I need to go lie down. I have a headache, what with my head exploding and all.

I'm not too big on Chris Hitchens since he drank Dubya's Kool-Aid and started cheerleading for Mess'o'potamia, but you've got to admit he's got a facility with the words - though his rhetoric is often more vigorous than his logic is rigorous. Here he unloads on Mel Gibson, which right now is a bit like Cheney on one of his arranged quail hunts, but Hitch at least hits his intended target.


Someone once asked me why I rolled my eyes when they mentioned David Brin.

This is one of the reasons why.


Dan Simmons has gone completely batshit. (Read on -- the mouth-foaming increases the further down the page you go.)